Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your products unique? 

Our products are formulated, crafted and packaged by us. No 3rd party company ever comes in contact with our products which means we can guarantee the process and the integrity. We use organic, ethically sourced essential oils and carrier oils from trusted Canadian vendors. All of our oil blends are formulated adhering to strict essential oil safety guidelines and packaged in glass containers. Our focus is and will always be on your wellness first. 

Are you associated with an mlm company, like doTerra or Young Living?

No. While we absolutely love that multi level marketing companies provide opportunities to many to make money, simply put our core values are not aligned with many of their practices. So, what do we do differently?

  • We support Canadian vendors to source our oils

  • Safe and responsible essential oil use is our #1 priority. 

  • We advise on best practices and uses. Sales are important, but so is the well-being of our clients. 

  • We do not support or advocate for internal use of essential oils (unless supervised by a certified clinical professional)

  • We use high quality, certified organic,  unadultered essential oils ( with GC-MS reports)  to create our blends (the term 'therapeutic' essential oils is a marketing gimmick - there is no governing body that gives those grades, meaning high quality oils are available through many reputable companies. There are only so many essential oil distillers in the world (especially of some of the more rare oils) which means a lot of companies get their oils from the same suppliers)

Do you offer monthly subscription boxes?

No. Essential oils need to be used with care. Sometimes less is more. There is no research that shows that if you use an oil all day every day that you'll get better results. In fact, the opposite is often true. Essential oils have most effect when used responsibly. Why use an oil if you don't need it? Would you take antibiotics if you don't have an infection? Would you take advil if you have no pain? It's the same with oils. They are natural remedies that should be taken when needed, and monthly subscriptions would promote overuse of those products. 

How can your services help me?

Our treatment plans are tailored to each client and their needs. Attaining and maintaining free flow of energy in our bodies is an integral part of overall wellness and even minor energy blocks can create imbalances that often translate into lowered immune system, pain, anxiety, depression, hormone imbalance, overall feeling of illness and much more. We aim to identifying these energy blocks and clearing, activating and balancing the chakras. We believe that the most important healing takes place after our clients leave our office and we teach them the tools they need to continue with their healing journey even after their session. 

Does your holistic treatments work?

In order for any holistic treatment to work, two very important things need to align. The client has to have a desire to get better and the client has to do the necessary work outside of the treatment sessions. Essential oils (aromatherapy) and Reiki have both been proven to significantly increase one's overall wellness. Because of our olfactory membrane, essential oils have direct access to our brain activity and the research on oils has shown their incredibly healing powers - such as the calming effects of lavender. Reiki on the other hand works by clearing, activation and balancing the chakras, and releasing all that no longer serves us. In our treatments we combine both the healing powers of energy and the healing powers of essential oils. 

What do you personally do for wellness?

Short answer, everything.

For me, everything I do (and don't do) is for my own wellness. This is a list of my musts: 

  • Daily walking meditation in nature

  • Daily mix of vitamins & minerals specific to my body ( Iron, Magnesium, B2, B6 - specific vitamins from specific companies) 

  • Shop organic everything

  • Eat well balanced meals, but eat whatever my body is craving. 

  • Focus on soul work - everything else falls into place

  • Laugh!

  • Be kind and help others whenever possible. 

Where did you learn about holistic healing?

My knowledge comes from a combination of personal experience, education and really good mentors. I started exploring the world of holistic health in my teenage years. I've always been drawn to it, and very early on in life I found that my body responded much better to natural remedies than it ever did to any prescription medication. I've had a number of health challenges over the years, and being exposed to natural modalities allowed me to both learn and experience it first hand. It also helped me heal. A few years ago, I had the honour of meeting a truly remarkable doctor who changed my life forever. Not only did he live an extraordinary and inspirational life, he dedicated it to helping others. He inspired me to become a lifelong student of natural remedies, energy work, life and all of its teachings. He lead his life by example and often said that the most important thing we can do for ourselves is work toward our soul. He really encouraged me to pursue my passions and share my gifts with the world. He is no longer with us, but he's memory lives in me. 

What credentials do you have?

  • Certified Aromatherapist working toward Clinical Aromatherapy Certification

  • Registered Reiki Master

  • Shadow Work Practitioner

  • Master Manifestor

  • Life Experience!


What types of services/products do you offer?

My mission is to help clients restore mental & emotional balance. All of my products, services and treatments are aimed to help you achieve this very thing. At the moment, all services are offered remotely only and they include:

1. Energy Healing - Intuitive or Reiki

2. Energy Reading 

3. Spiritual Coaching

For more details please visit our Services page. 

You can also enjoy a number our hand crafted aromatherapy blends. We offer:

1. Wellness roll-ons and inhalers

2. Room and Linen Sprays

3. Organic Oils Based Skin Care

4. Energy Roll-ons

5. Gemstone bracelets & necklaces and anklets

How are you different from others offering similar services?

What makes me truly different is my personal experience and journey. I practice what I preach. And I preach what I know; not only from formal training but also from having experienced it on my own skin. I have trained with some incredible masters, but most importantly I have the ability to quickly identify the root problem and offer gentle, judgment free guidance. My only goal is to help you achieve your desired results. I offer confidential sessions tailored to each client. As someone who has been on a similar journey I know what it takes to succeed and how to get you there. 

The soul always knows what to do to health itself,

the challenge is to silence the mind. 

Caroline Myss

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