Meet the Divine Remedy Creator

Hey there!  My name is Bojana and I’m the founder and the creative force behind Divine Remedy Healing and Divine Remedy product line. 

I am what’s often referred to as a wounded healer, meaning my own personal health struggles and life experiences are what led me to seek natural & energy therapies  and ultimately study them in an effort to help others heal too. 

My personal journey to wellness has been a long and exhausting one. At some point, we all learn that wellness is not a destination, it's a lifelong journey. We get out of it as much as, and more importantly, what we put into it. For me it was an important life lesson to keep fighting for myself, no matter what, and to keep getting up no matter how many times I may fall. 


Studying the mind, body, soul connection has allowed me a deeper understanding of myself and why I had experienced certain challenges in life, but also how NOT to recreate them again. The fact is, our spirit affects our mind, our mind affects our body, and our body affects our mind and spirit. Once we understand the root cause of the issue, and address it,  balance occurs. 

My journey started 10 years ago and it wasn't an easy one. Mostly it was me, facing my own demons, peeling back, what felt like never ending, layers as I healed. But I pushed myself every step of the way, knowing that something better is just around the corner. I was determined to get better, but I was also determined to never revert back to the same old patters. So I created a new me. A healthier me. A more confident me. A more courageous me. A more outspoken me. In the process, I found not only myself but I also found my purpose. 

I want to share my knowledge, my experiences and my resources with anyone who is struggling, lost, given up hope or simply looking for answers. 

My journey was a lonely one because for a long time I didn't have anyone to turn to. But, yours doesn't have to be. 

I am a Certified Aromatherapist, a  Registered Reiki Master, Intuitive Energy Reader & Healer, Master Manifester and Motivational Speaker. I create and lead workshops on various wellness and energy healing topics, I offer private treatments and coaching sessions to clients world wide. I specialize in restoring mental & emotional balance, awakening and healing the spirit and improving relationship with self. 

If you're are currently on a healing journey and are looking for support and guidance contact me today and see how I may help. 

With love & light,

Did You Know . . .

Studies show that, in the Western world, 90% of all doctor’s visits involve a social-emotional problem that manifested itself into a physical problem and resulted in no medical diagnosis?

We are often prescribed dangerous medications that we do not need, to treat a symptom we are experiencing rather than to treat the root cause of the problem. Our, Western, healthcare system is designed as a reactive tool, that looks at a body as a sum of different parts. It has the world's greatest diagnostic tools, but does it have the world's greatest treatments?

On the other hand, Eastern medicine teaches us to look at the body as a whole, teaches the mind, body, spirit connection, and relies on natural remedies and non-invasive healing techniques. For thousands of years our predecessors used plants, herbs and essential oils as the main healing modalities. Today this is known as "alternative medicine", but funny enough there is nothing "altered" about it.

It's up to each of us to decide what kind of approach we want to take toward our health and wellness. Just remember the only way to truly be "healthy' is to be physically, mentally and socially well- balanced. So what have you done for your mental and emotional health lately? Do you even think about it or prioritize it? If you don't, you should. If you don't invest in your health now, you'll be forced to invest in your illness later. 

The struggle you are in today is developing

the strength you need for tomorrow. 

Robert Tew

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