Holiday Gift Ideas

Custom Gift Boxes

Starting at $30.00

This Holiday season, gift a divine remedy 

We are excited to bring back our holiday gift boxes for the second year in a row. 

Order a custom gift box or simply shop one of our selections. 

For custom orders, simply send us a list of items you'd like in your box and we'll give you 25% OFF your total order. 

Gift box and a holiday card are included with each order. 

You can chose from any of our:

  • Wellness Roll Ons

  • Personal Inhalers

  • Room Sprays

  • Skin Care

  • Gemstone Bracelets

  • Gemstone Necklaces

  • Gemstone Crystals

Order yours today. We require 3 days to fulfill an order. 


Energy Shield Box

Do you find yourself absorbing and taking on other people's negative energy?  Do you often feel drained after spending time in large crowds or around certain people? 

Protecting our energy on daily basis is extremely important. And our Energy Shield Box may not be something you were looking for, but it's definitely something you need. 


Energy Shield Roll-On

Energy Shield Bracelet 

(we create a custom bracelet just for you)

pictured: obsidian & rose gold hematite


Unconditional Love Box

Are you ready to attract love into your heart? Are you ready to open your heart chakra to give & receive love. 

Unconditional love isn't about loving someone else or being loved by them, it's about learning to love ourselves. Only then can true love enter our life. 


Unconditional Love Roll-On

Unconditional Love Bracelet 

(we create a custom bracelet just for you)

pictured: rose quartz  & rose gold hematite & beating heart charm


Keep Calm &

Tranquillo Box


Do you struggle with anxiety and overall feeling of internal upset?

When we mentally push ourselves beyond our limits and live our lives in a state of constant worry and stress our mind and body start to mimic this energy in a form of internal agitation. 

Learning how to keep our mind & body in a state of clam is a life skill but our Keep Calm Box can help! Our Tranquillo inhaler is emotionally uplifting and calming to the central nervous system. It's one of our best sellers and it works!


Tranquillo Inhaler

Tranquillo Bracelet 

(we create a custom bracelet just for you)

pictured: amethyst & blue lace agate


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