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Why consider coaching

We often find ourselves at cross roads in life, unsure how to best move forward. We wake up one day and realize that life is what happened to us, not what we created for ourselves and deep unhappiness starts to surface. We frantically search for happiness in all the wrong places only to eventually find that it's been with us the entire time, deep within - the only place we didn't look. 

In a world where majority of population lives on autopilot, it's difficult to switch it off, and to connect to your higher self. In a world that's designed to have us running all day long, it's difficult to find a moment to slow down and rest. This this is necessary. Only in a state of rest and calm and we really see and hear. 

Working with a coach allows you insight to a different perspective and experience.  It gives you a direct link to tools and guidance that have been proved to create results.  

Why Work With Me

My spiritual journey started 10 years ago when my life looked very differently. It took illness (many!) and some reals lows to get me going in the right direction. I needed to break down all the walls I built and I needed to break down every single limited belief I was carrying in order to clear the path for better things to enter. Once everything collapsed I was finally able to rebuilt a strong, confident, compassionate and loving person.  I'm not saying that it was easy, just that it was worth it. I made a decision to commit to deep inner healing and I recognized that I needed help. So I searched and searched until I found the right people to work with, those I felt really understood my journey.  With their help, I realized that every single high and low in my life was  directly connected to the relationship I had with myself. I never really thought about 'loving myself' or what that actually looked like. I assumed I liked myself just fine. But I learned that 'just fine' wasn't real love. Because I never thought of myself as important it reflected in all areas of my life. My journey led me to study, learn from masters and ultimately become a healer I once was seeking. Because what we seek is seeking us. 

What To Expect

Spiritual Coaching can take many forms. Ultimately guidance and tools are provided to better your current blocks and get you on the path to success. I specialize in improving relationship with self, releasing self limiting beliefs and restoring mental & emotional balance. I offer coaching only to clients that are ready to make the commitment to transform their lives. Ultimately, you will only get out of this what you put into it. Your success will be measured by your commitment to yourself and how much you're willing to let go and release. If you are ready to start your transformation journey set up your free 30 min consultation today. 


1 x 1 hr session - $222.22*

5 x 1 hr session - $555.55

($111.11 per session)

10 x 1 hour session - $777.77

($77.77 per session)

*tax included


I accept only a small select amount of clients to work with. Your undivided commitment is needed and required. 

If you are ready to commit to your transformation journey I encourage you to reach out and see if working together would provide the guidance and tools you need.


All packages must be paid for at time of booking.

Payment options can be discussed and are only available to existing clients with good standing. 

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