Crafted with the "Queen of Flowers" & symbol of love ROSE essential oil with hint of vanilla this formula opens and nurtures the heart chakra. 


Unconditional Love is a carefully crafted aromatherapy blend featuring essential oils opening and claming for the hearth chakra. Pairs well with rose quartz or jade gemstone crystal. 


Includes rose essential oil with hint of vanilla. 

Made with all natural organic ingredients.

Base carrier oil: Jojoba


The energetic qualities of these oils include: 

  • Soothing & healing the heart
  • Reduces anxiety & restlessness
  • Soothes anger & dispair
  • Eases shock, grief and depression
  • Stabilizes the heart and opens the breath
  • Calms the mind
  • Open the heart to unconditoinal love and compassion


Unconditional Love Roll-On may be applied to wrists, heart chakra, or even used as light scented perfume. 


Proudly Canadian. 



Unconditional Love Roll-On

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