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Sweet Orange Zest (Citrus sinensis) Essential Oil

Size: 15ml

USDA Organic Certified

Country of Origin: Mexico

Oil Characteristics : Mobile clear liquid, can appear cloudy. Yellowish orange colour with a characteristic scent of orange peel, sweet and fruity

Properties : Calming, sedative++, anti-inflammatory+, anticoagulant, fluidifying+, bitter tonic (low dose)++

Indications: Anxiety, vertigo, nervousness++, dyspepsia++, flatulences, gastric spasms, slow blood flow, sleeping disorders.

Energetic and Emotional Effect:It sweeps away negativityIt repairs damages of the auric field.It purifies emotional vibrations heavily laden



  • Photosensitizing in external use. 

We do not recommend internal use of essential oils 



Lot B-CISIMEX09S (2018/01)


Monoterpenes: limonene (93,61 %), myrcene (1,84 %), α-pinene (0,50 %)

Sweet Orange Zest (Citrus sinensis) Essential Oil

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