With an intention to connect physical and spiritual world through meditation, it helps to quiet the mind and support reflection & introspection.


Meditation Boost is a carefully crafted aromatherapy blend featuring essential oils that quiet and open the mind. Pairs well with amethyst, lemurian and selenite crystal.


Includes Frankincense essential oil with a hint of sandalwood

Made with all natural organic ingredients.

Base carrier oil: Jojoba


The energetic qualities of these oils include:

  • Supports meditation and inner unity
  • Supports focused attention and tranquility
  • Quiets the mind
  • Supports reflection and introspection
  • Encourages acceptance
  • Soothes those who are prone to overthinking and distraction
  • Used in meditations to connect physical and spiritual


Meditation Boost best applied to 3rd eye chakra - center of forehead


Proudly Canadian.


Meditation Boost Roll-On

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