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Manifesting, very simply put, is believing things into their existence. This is why it's so important to understand that we can just as easily manifest a 'negative' thought as we can a 'positive' one. We bring into existance that which we pay attention to.


What will Manifesting 101 cover?

Manifesting 101 has been designed as a guide to help you on your journey to self discovery. Each page is created to help you dig a little bit deeper, to help you connect to the truh within you so that you can easily manifest all your dreams into a reality.

You will learn:

  • 3 golden rules of manifesting
  • how to set clear, realistic and attainable goals
  • how to set proper intentions for yourself and your life
  • how to create specific affirmations that will help you attract the energy of what you're seeking
  • how to identify fears & self limiting beliefs and how to release them
  • how to manifest any intention into a reality
  • and much more


What makes Manifesting 101 workbook different from others?

Manifesting 101 workbook is designed to help you create a clear path to success. Success with yourself and your life. It outlines simple concepts that are easy to remember that can create any goal into a reality.

Manifesting 101 offers:

  • detailed explanations and examples of each concept that is easy to understand and therefore easy to implement in your own life
  • simple questions that will guide you to dig deep within yourself and face truths that will become your stepping stones to success
  • daily affirmations to attract energy of abundance, love, success, and more
  • examples how to create your own daily affirmations to keep your chakras (energy fields in body) clear & aligned
  • ways to quickly shift a negative thought into a positive one
  • opportunities to continue to work on your self and your goals on ongoing basis


Why should I buy Manifesting 101 workbook?

Manifesting 101 workbook is for you if you are looking to take control and create the life you want. If you find yourself in a place where you no longer want to:

  • react to life
  • be a spectator and not a participant
  • exist and not live

you are in the right place.

Manifesting 101 workbook will guide to to creating a better verion of yourself.

A version that is

  • self-aware,
  • self-accepting, and
  • self-compassionate.

A version of yourself that is actively participating in creating the life you want and the ability to recognize what is important.

Life is not something we can control, so this workbook (or any other) cannot teach you how to control , anything. It's created to teach you how to prioritize, how to recognize what is important, how to react, and how to create. Remember in the world where there isn't much we can control, our thoughts are one of the rare things that we can.


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Manifesting 101 Workbook


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