Step into the light with strenght, confidence and willpower to create all your heart desires. When we vibrate as abundance we attract abundance. 

Abundance Magnet is a carefully crafted aromatherapy blend featuring essential oils that warm, motivate and promote confidence.

We love pairing this oil with our Tiger Eye, Amazonite and Pyrite stones. 


Includes Patchouli with a hint of ginger. 

Made with all natural organic ingredients.

Base carrier oil: Jojoba


The energetic qualities of these oils include:

  • Stimulates willpower, and restores motivation
  • Warms and encourages energy
  • Fiery, strong and dynamic
  • Combats burnout on any level
  • Fosters confidence and promotes self-assurance
  • Counteracts disjointed and spacey feelings, opens up the breath
  • Balances an overactive mind


Abundance Magnet best applied to wrists.


Proudly Canadian.


Abundance Magnet Roll-On

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