Master Energy Session 

NEW starting August 1st, 2020 all new clients must book the Initial Master Energy Session.

Existing clients who have had their last session more than 365 days ago, must book the Initial session first.

Master Energy Reading & Healing

I created this one of a kind session with a focus on energy clearing, balance, awareness, and deep inner healing. I wanted to provide a virtual healing session that's both profound and transformational. 

In this treatment your will receive:

  • Energetic Map detailing Blocks Preventing you from Living Your Best Life

  • Detailed Energy Reading of Body & Aura

  • Energy Reading Surrounding any Person, Place or Situation

  • Full Body Energetic Scan

  • Distant Reiki Healing 

  • Chakra Clearing & Balancing

  • Coaching

  • up to 2 hour video chat session included

 And as needed on individual basis :​

  • Guided Meditation Recording or Live Guided Meditation

  • Angel Message from your Guides

  • Cord Cutting Ceremony

A link for remote video chat will be provided once the booking has been confirmed. WhatsApp video call also available. 

What to expect

The initial first sessions provides a road map of your energetic makeup and outlines any and all energetic blocks that are preventing you from fully stepping into your power and creating yourself and life you desire. The initial session is 2 hours long.

Follow-Up sessions are a continuation of the healing journey and often address one of the following: 

  • Energy Readings Surrounding any Aspect of Life

  • Healing and Removing Energetic Blocks through Coaching, Meditation and Reiki Distant Healing

  • Chakra Balance via Guided Meditation and Reiki

  • Cord Cutting

  • Opening Energetic Flow in Body 

  • Stress Release, Centering & Grounding

  • Guidance on how best to move forward 

  • Coaching on how to improve relationship with self

  • Anything else that might be coming up for you. 

The follow up sessions are 1 hour long. 

The first part of session is dedicated to going over your energetic makeup. I will tap into your chakras and energetic field prior to our call as well as clear and balance your chakras.  You will have an opportunity to ask any questions and I can tap deeper into any energies you require more clarity on. The last part of the session will include any number of coaching or healing techniques including guidance, meditation, cord cutting, etc.  


Find out what is currently blocking you from living your best life

What are the current energies surrounding you

Release stagnant energy & dissolve energy blocks

Clear and amplify chakras

Harmony & balance

Grounding & centering

Reduces stress, agitation, and anxiety

Accelerate the body's self-healing ability

and more...


Initial Session: $255.55CAD* / $188.88US

Follow Up Sessions: $111.11CAD* / $88.88US

All sessions must start and end on time. 

*tax included


All sessions are highly confidential and will never be shared or discussed in any setting, with anyone. 

Energy readings do not predict future, nor are they designed to, nor is that something that's even within our capabilities. They are simply designed to help you better understand the energy that's currently surrounding your body, mind, & soul. We have free will and can choose a different path and change the current trajectory  at any time. The readings are mere suggestions and  are not intended to be used as diagnostic tools.  They are a guidance system that identifies issues and provides solutions that should be taken at free will. 


Virtual Appointments Only.

Sessions are confirmed once payment is received​.

PayPal or Square Link Payments Sent with Booking Details

All booking changes or cancellations must be done at least 24 hours prior to start of session. 

All cancellation requested less than 24 hours notice are subject to $20 cancellation fee. 

All cancellations less than 4 hours notice will be subject to full fee. 

Your symptoms are real. What you are feeling is real. 

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