Energy Reading

About This Service

Everything is energy. The vital life force energy is a part of any living entity, but just like all living things carry energy, so do places and things - just in a different way. 

Have you ever walked into a room and felt a really heavy energy? Or have you ever had a favourite shirt that you just felt so great wearing? Their energy is probably why.

Energy Reading is practitioner's ability to feel the flow of energy and identify any blocks, stagnation or imbalances. It's also the ability to identify where those blocks are located and the effect they are having on the individual. 

The blocks may be emotional or mental (or a combination of both) and may manifest into a physical problem.

Why Energy Reading

If you find yourself struggling in any area of life, energy reading might be a good starting point to find some answers. The reading offers the benefit to client to better understand what blocks they are experiencing, why they are experiencing them and most importantly what they can do to clear them. 

I specialize in emotional & mental blocks;  relationship with oneself and others.

I will help you identify what is currently holding you back from living your best life and offer guidance on how to best move forward. 

What To Expect

The energy reading can be done in person or remotely. 

The reading session is a conversation between the client and the practitioner where the area of concern is discussed, blocks are identify and solutions are offered.  I will carefully analyze the energy in the body, mind & soul by simply tapping into your energy field. The goal of the session is to assist the client to better understand their current circumstances and to give them tailored solutions that can be taken in order to improve their life. 



1 hour


I only accept a small amount of clients each month and all bookings must be done directly through me. 

You may email, call or text. 

All remote sessions must be paid for at the time of the booking. 


All readings are highly confidential and will never be shared or discussed in any setting, with anyone. 

Energy readings do not predict future, nor are they designed  to, nor is that something that's even within our capabilities.

The readings are mere suggestions and  are not intended to be used as diagnostic tools. They are a guidance system that identifies issues and provides solutions that should be taken at free will. 

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