Essential Oil Custom Blend

About This Service

We are all different. We have different habits, we have different structures, we have different strengths and weaknesses, we have unique needs. While we offer a number of excellent products, a custom essential oil blend might be beneficial if you are someone who: 

  • takes pharmaceutical medication 

  • takes naturopathic / homeopathic medication

  • suffers from a diagnosed physical illness 

  • is looking to use the oil on children (under the age of 12)

  • is pregnant, breastfeeding or trying to become pregnant 

By creating a unique blend for your needs you can ensure that the product you are using is safe and effective. 

Why Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for their delicate aromas and natural healing powers. By combining their therapeutic properties, aromatherapy works to improve physical, mental and emotional balance. Essential oils are made up of very small molecules, which means they can easily bring their unique healing properties to every cell of the body. They are traditionally used to help ease muscular aches and pains, improve circulation and ease sinus congestion. They also have a positive effect on the skin, penetrating into the deeper layers to encourage the process of cellular renewal, enhance blood circulation and help problems such as acne, eczema and ageing skin. Essential oils also have a dynamic effect on our emotional state. They can help transform our moods and move us from one state of mind to another.

What To Expect

At the time of booking, you will indicate your area of concern, including any relevant medical history and medications you may be currently taking. If there is a specific product you will like created, please include that information as well. (example: you are pregnant and would like a personalized body butter for your growing belly to help prevent stretch marks.)


During the session, you will have an opportunity to smell a number of oils that have been pre-selected for you.  We will chose 3 -5 oils (based on your feedback, aroma,  chemical composition, emotional, energetic and therapeutic properties) to create your custom blend.




cost of product*

Duration of Session


*The cost of product varies based on size and ingredients selected. The pricing starts at $20.00.  

Depending on the product, it may be created on the spot, or a later pickup may be required. 

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